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Why Pixolli Studios?

Studio renting is a the daily activity of you as a professional photographer. You need enough space to give your creativity free rein. Pixolli Studios is perfectly suited for this purpose. With 400 sqm very spacious, the latest technology, ample parking in front of the studio, WLAN for wireless access to Internet resources, spatially separate studio spaces for makeup, workshops, lounge, shower/bath, creative area, kitchen, stage are. The Pixolli Studios are available by appointment only and are available in the evenings and on weekends too.

Professional studio staff during rental hours

In order for you to have technical, photographic and creative support, I am personally available during your rental hours to provide direct support if that is needed.

Unit Pricing

Studio Area (White Infinity or Colored Backdrop):

Makeup Area:

Workshop and Training Area:


Coffee and Refreshments
Coffee: 1,50€
Drinks w/o alcohol: 1€ pro Flasche

can be organized and charged on a cost base

Professional Studios Flashes:
Profoto B4 Generator (incl. 2 Flash Heads) – 10€/h
Profoto B1 Head – 10€/h (4 pieces at hand)
Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Generator (incl. 2 Flash Heads) – 10€/h

Light Shaper/Former:
lots of availabel options – 5€/h

Images of Pixolli Studios


Moderne Studioeinrichtung

... und alles was an Technik dazugehört.


Licht Stative

... wir setzen auf den Marktführer - Manfrotto.



... kann ebenfalls gemietet werden für bspw. "behind the szenes" clips.


Wenn es mal nötig wird ...

können sich die Modelle selbstverständlich auch nach dem shooting duschen und sich der Maske und des Makeups entledigen.


Schminkbereich ...

professionelle Schminkstühle und Schminkspiegel runden die Studioeinrichtung ab.



White Label Package


4 hours
  • Studio Area White Infinity or Colored Backdrop
  • Profoto B4 (1200 Ws) incl. 2 Profoto Pro Plus Flash Heads
  • Two light formers of your choice
  • Makeup Area
  • Kitchen

Red Label PackageMeistverkauft


8 hours
  • Studio Area White Infinity or Colored Backdrop
  • Profoto B4 (1200 Ws) incl. 2 Profoto Pro Plus Flash Heads
  • Elinchrom Ranger Speed AS Generator (1200 Ws) incl. 2 AS Fleas Heads
  • Two light formers of your choice for Profoto
  • Two light formers of your choice for Elinchrom
  • Makeup Area
  • Workshop & Training Area
  • Bath/Shower
  • Kitchen

Black Label Package


2 days - 8 hours each
  • Usage of the entire Studio Area
  • Entire Profoto Equipment
  • Entire Elinchrom Equipment
  • All light formers for Profoto und Elinchrom
  • Makeup Area
  • Workshop & Training Area
  • Bath/Shower
  • Kitchen

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