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Hi, kürzlich war mein erstes Personal Coaching mit internationaler Besetzung … yeeaaahhhh. Ich hatte den Teilnehmer anschliessend gebeten, das Personal Coaching zu bewerten. Hier ist seine Bewertung. 🙂

PS: Das Beitragsbild ist eine seiner HDR Konvertierungen aus dem Bildmaterial, was wir während des PC erstellt haben. Ganz prima gemacht wie ich finde.

VG, Oliver

My HDR one-to-one with Oliver was truely an inspirational experience! From fundamental insights to pragmatic tips covering the HDR workflow from start to finish. Starting with key pointers on what to consider when you are taking your photographs down to what to consider when organizing yourself and your photos. I believe I would never have picked up an so many quite crucial elements if I would have simply read a book. And then the actual workflow to create your HDR image. When Oliver guides you through his workflow you are absorbing all the insights and experience of a true professional. Very practical tips and advice – and of course Oliver addressed all the specific questions I had. The issues I had with the result of previously created HDR images? I fully get it now and some I can redo while for others the key learning is that the creation of an awe-inspiring HDR image starts with planning and taking the pictures. After just one session with Oliver I believe I took a huge leap in my understanding of HDR and with that the ability to create stunning images.

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