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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

usually I am asking for funds during my yearly GBI Tour. This time I am asking all of you to support me in a personal endeavor.

Sally Ibrahim is one of the first GBI participants from Egypt and has been cycling with us since 2009 as a member of the GBI team while supporting the good cause. Unfortunately, at the end of the second day of this year’s GBI Europe from Venice to Stuttgart she was the victim of a tragic accident.

It was only a few weeks ago that she woke up after a life-threatening cerebral haemorrhage that kept her in a coma since mid-June, and she is now fighting to get back to normal life with the help of a rehab team in Trento, Italy. Sally has to learn how to speak and has a challenging time remembering her former friends and family members. It is Sally’s strong personality that she is known for that keeps her going on this difficult road to recovery.

We do not leave Sally alone during this difficult phase and ever since her accident, members of our global GBI community take turns in keeping her company in the hospital.

At present, Sally needs all of our support!

Unfortunately, her Egyptian travel insurance plan covers only part of the hospital costs, while the rehab costs that amount to a monthly 7.000.- Euro had to be paid by herself. This amount does not include the living costs for her GBI friends and family members who travelled to Italy to support her during this difficult period.

This message is a call for help. The GBI community has made itself a name in fundraising and supporting different causes in the world, so this time we should use our skills and contacts in order to help one of our members face the financial challenges imposed by her long and difficult return to a normal life. We hope that with your help we can show that the GBI community is driven by the desire to do good as well as by the amazing team spirit that brings us together every year.

Thank you so much, Oliver

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