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Atelier Countdown

Hi there, I thought it is a good idea to put myself a bit under pressure and issue a countdown within this blogpost that shows an ETA to my Atelier Opening. However, of course I will be working in the atelier much earlier then that to select, finesse and finalize my portfolio, finalize the business plan, develop my pricing models for the services I will be providing and execution of the marketing plan. [wc_countdown date=“January 1, 2015, 10:00:00 AM“ format=“wdHMs“ message=“Your Message Here!“ labels=“Years,Months,Weeks,Days,Hours,Minutes,Seconds“ labels1=“Year,Month,Week,Day,Hour,Minute,Second“] As the opening is strongly dependant on a couple of things outside of my area of incluence, it may be earlier, but no later than the ETA shown. So, stay tuned. There may be changes coming up. [wc_skillbar title=“decision to open a Digital Photography Atelier“ percentage=“100″ color=“#ff534e“] [wc_skillbar title=“atelier selected and contract established“ percentage=“100″ color=“#ac9ee8″] [wc_skillbar title=“remove old interior“ percentage=“90″ color=“#7adcfa“] [wc_skillbar title=“renew electricity“ percentage=“80″ color=“#85ffe8″] [wc_skillbar title=“recreate bathroom“ percentage=“70″ color=“#ffc17d“] [wc_skillbar title=“recreate kitchen“ percentage=“75″ color=“#6accba“] [wc_skillbar title=“create a training room for workshops“ percentage=“70″ color=“#697f7b“] [wc_skillbar title=“create makeup/stiling/dressing Room“ percentage=“65″ color=“#b29d54″] [wc_skillbar title=“replace blind windows“ percentage=“80″ color=“#fc9eff“] [wc_skillbar title=“replace floor“ percentage=“40″ color=“#8adcfa“] [wc_skillbar title=“create infinity curve“ percentage=“0″ color=“#b25a39″] [wc_skillbar title=“wall painting“ percentage=“0″ color=“#4bb29f“] [wc_skillbar title=“portfolio developed, finessed and finalized“ percentage=“12″ color=“#126999″] [wc_skillbar title=“marketing & pricing“ percentage=“12″ color=“#427f74″] All the best, Oliver

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